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What is an urgent care center?

Urgent care centers provide care for illnesses and minor injuries that require immediate attention, but are not severe enough for a trip to the emergency room. Urgent care centers are also helpful when your family pediatrician or primary care physician's office is closed or unavailable. Patients are typically seen on a walk-in basis, with no appointments necessary and reduced waiting times. A visit to an urgent care center can cost up to 10 times less than a visit to the emergency room or free standing emergency room. At Urgent Care4U, you will always be seen by a provider with emergency medicine experience.

* If your medical problems are life-threatening, call 911 immediately.

The best doctors for the best care

Heriberto "Beto" Alanis, M.D.

Urgent Care4U Medical Director 
Board Certified, American Board of Emergency Medicine 
Over 20 years ER experience

Coming Soon...
Oscar B. Tijerina, M.D

HealthGrades Recognized Doctor®
Board Certified, American Board of 
Family Practice Medical Director of 
Mission Regional Medical Center 
Over 20 years ER experience 

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